Blueprint for Maryland's Future Funding Formula Workgroup Meeting Update

Dear District 38 Education Leaders and Stakeholders:
I wanted to provide an update from the final Blueprint for Maryland's Future Funding Formula Workgroup meeting. At the October 15th meeting, the Workgroup voted to fully phase in the recommendations of the Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education (Kirwan Commission) over the next 10 (Fiscal Year 2021 to 2030) years while adjusting for inflation.
You may be interested in knowing that Maryland Budget Secretary David Brinkley and Harford County Executive and President of the Maryland Association of Counties (MACo) Barry Glassman abstained from this vote. They abstained over concerns I also share about the lack of prioritization of these recommendations and the impact on counties who may not be able to contribute their share to implement these recommendations.
The full Kirwan Commission, of which I am a member, will meet on October 30. I am interested in your review and prioritization of the recommendations and feedback on the funding formulas that were approved today by the Workgroup prior to the October 30th meeting.
These documents from today’s meeting may be of interest to you.
Overview of Workgroup Proposal
Proposed Phase-in of State Funding
Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education – Phase-in Recommendation
Fiscal 2021 State Funding
State Aid and Local Funding
Local Funding
FY 2030 Model Direct State Aid
Comparing Aid to Local Appropriations and Local Share
Projected FY 2030 Local Appropriations Under Various MOE Scenarios
I am committed to continuing to work with you on the ongoing effort to increase education excellence for our Shore students. Thank you for your leadership, and I look forward to hearing from you.

State Senator – District 38
Somerset, Worcester and Wicomico