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Eastern Shore Cleaning Solutions Offers Revolutionary Antimicrobial Protection

Formerly Taylor’s Custodial, Eastern Shore Cleaning Solutions LLC still offers full – service carpet and upholstery cleaning just as Rocky Taylor has done for the past 35 years.

Now owned by Dr. Roden Stewart (Island Chiropractic), Justin Ihnat (teacher, combat veteran) and Rich Alloway (retired state senator), Eastern Shore Cleaning Solutions is pleased to also offer a groundbreaking antimicrobial technology called Bioprotect.Us.

Ordinary sanitation of businesses and homes is no longer the most effective way to protect against harmful microbes. As soon as the sanitary product dries on the surface that it has been applied to, that surface is open for contamination from germs once again. The revolutionary Bioprotect.Us technology goes above and beyond traditional sanitation practices by providing continuous protection against those same microbes without the need to constantly reapply.

Bioprotect.Us is a patented, EPA and FDA approved, nontoxic, American produced antimicrobial that you simply spray on to any porous or nonporous surface. Once dry, it forms a strong bond to that surface and provides durable, long-term protection that kills and inhibits growth of bacteria, fungi, algae, viruses and other microorganisms that inhabit many of life’s surfaces. Bioprotect.Us will prevent the microbes from spreading by actually killing the germ through a mechanical process. Thus providing 24/7 protection that lasts up to 90 days for your family and customers without the need to constantly wipe down surfaces or do “deep cleaning” every day.

For more information about applying this protective product to your home or business, contact Eastern Shore Cleaning Solutions at 757-336-1448, or visit

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