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Governor Hogan Announces Vaccination Requirements for State employees Who Work in Congregate Facilit

Governor Hogan Announces Vaccination Requirements for State employees Who Work in Congregate Facilities
Governor Hogan addressed Marylanders just now thanking the many folks who are vaccinated. Maryland continues to outpace the nation in the number of residents vaccinated, with 77.9% now vaccinated, 93.4% of all seniors are vaccinated. Maryland continues to sustain more than any state each day and we are much better prepared than many states to get through the Delta variant surge. Just three states account for 1/3 of all new cases, while Delta variant is spreading like wildfire, our high vaccination rate helps us contain this fire. MD hospitalizations are down and deaths are down 94%. Marylanders should feel confident going about our daily lives, getting kids back to school and folks back to work.
However, he is concerned with the variant and unvaccinated Marylanders noting that the delta variant is far more serious than the original virus. Through sequencing tests for variants, he knows the variant is 100% of all new cases and that it may cause more serious illness than original virus.  After consulting with his experts, he is instituting new vaccination requirements for State employees who work in congregate facilities. State employees in healthcare facilities, juvenile services, correctional services and veteran affairs services will be required to show proof of vaccination; if unable to do so, state employees in congregate facilities will be required to have face coverings and testing. This takes effect September 1st. 
Businesses can set their own policies and he supports your ability to set your own policies. The State is not imposing any new mask mandates or shutdowns as those actions were to allow hospitals to be able to service those who were sick.
He reported that 99.99% of those fully vaccinated have remained free of serious illness and that vaccines are working.  Nearly every single person hospitalized or dying currently is UNvaccinated. Testing, tracing, PPP, all infrastructure has now become part of the daily response of government as covid and variants will be with us for forseeable future.
We need to continue to work together to get through this. To get the latest vaccination info, check out the States vaccination website: GoVaxMD

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