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Maryland Chamber Foundation Releases Q3 Economic Report

Maryland Chamber Foundation Releases Q3 Economic Report


As we continue to mitigate the impact of COVID-19, access to and analysis of key economic indicators are critically important to charting our course to recovery. It is our hope that these quarterly reports will allow us to gauge progress and measure the impact federal and state policies are having in overcoming the economic fallout of the pandemic.


This report is prepared for the Maryland Chamber Foundation by Mangum Economics, a firm that specializes in producing objective economic, quantitative, and qualitative analysis for strategic decision-making.


Inside the report you will find key highlights and trends such as how Maryland continues to outperform the nation in total non-farm employment and the number of new unemployment claims is in steady decline. However, Maryland is still struggling with historic lows in labor force participation as the state recovers from the catastrophic loss of jobs in April.


Download the most recent report for the 3rd quarter of calendar year 2020. We hope that you find this information insightful and instructive as you plan for the next phase of recovery for your own organization.


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