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Mentoring Matters

Mentoring Matters
January is National Mentor Month, a month set aside to shine the spotlight on individuals who donate their time to make a difference. WYFCS serves a number of youth in grades 1 through 12, who could benefit from the support of great mentors. We are very thankful for the support we have received for our mentoring program so far. Currently we have over 30 mentors who are donating their time and skills to the lives of those they mentor, but there is still a great opportunity.
Mentors have a powerful impact on youth in many areas, from education, and careers, to personal, reducing the need for more intensive treatments. According to, young people who have the support of a mentor have healthier lifestyle choices and relationships, enhanced self-esteem, and improved behaviors both at home and in school.  When matched appropriately, mentorship can have a positive, lasting impact.
We know the community is full of people with a lot to offer. If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a mentor, email us at You never know the value your time will have on someone else.

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