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2021 End of Session Review

2021 End of Session Review
The 442nd Session of the Maryland General Assembly concluded at midnight on Monday, April 12 as we adjourned Sine Die (from the Latin “without day”) until January 2022. This was our first session since early adjournment in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and great precautions were taken to ensure that lawmakers could meet and vote on State legislation in person. This has been a very difficult session with the COVID-19 protocols limiting public interaction and access as we debated and voted on so many bills impacting the lives of Marylanders. Throughout the entire session, my team and I continued to assist constituents as they navigate reopening phases, the unemployment application and vaccine registration processes, and financial assistance programs. Here are some of the highlights from the 2021 legislative session:
2021 End of Session Review
I will continue to give it my all to see us through a full COVID-19 recovery, and encourage my constituents to continue to share their views with me at I remain grateful to serve my constituents in the Maryland General Assembly and look forward to seeing you back home.
Small Business Relief Opportunities
In Service,
Mary Beth Carozza
State Senator-District 38
Worcester, Wicomico, and Somerset

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