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“SUNS OF HOPE” For Mental Health Awareness

For Mental Health Awareness
May is Mental Health Awareness Month. In 2019, National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI) reported that 1 in 5 Americans has a mental health condition The census reports that the population in the town of Berlin in 2019 was 4, 657. That means that at least 932 of our community members has a mental health condition, and countless loved ones are affected by it every day.
We may not be able to stop mental illness, but we can raise awareness and let those affected know that the town of Berlin cares and we are here to show our support. To raise mental health awareness in our community, Worcester Youth & Family will be spreading a little sunshine throughout the town of Berlin. We are asking local businesses to support us with “Suns of Hope. We will provide local businesses with suns that patrons and visitors can purchase and share a word of hope and encouragement to someone living with a mental health condition and their families. The “Suns of Hope” will then be placed in the windows of the businesses to show support for those living with mental illnesses.
Businesses that wish to participate can contact our office at (410)641-4598.

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